What to Anticipate in Austin

BY Chris DeBoer
11/7/2018 - HVAC Networking

This year has been such an exciting one and one filled with some big undertakings. It should be no surprise to our members that our Annual Conference easily takes numerous resources to put together for us every year. Ever since I joined the association in 2014 we have worked to push things a little further each year. I am happy to say that we have been able to continue to grow our event each year and find new ways to attract and engage members to attend. This year will definitely not be a letdown.

Since the conference theme’s inception early this year we knew that we had many ways that we could make this event unique. With the conference theme, Legacy, it got the team thinking about how to share with our attendees not only information about the leaders that have helped make the industry what it is today but also look ahead at the young folks making their own impact on HVACR distribution. We were able to build into this year’s conference a distributor legacy panel, which features some of the biggest players in the industry, as well as a young leaders panel, which will showcase some of the individuals that are paving the way for the future. We plan to showcase how the industry has evolved and where it is heading in the coming years.

Another new addition to the conference is several roundtable sessions that will allow our guests to connect with others in the industry and discuss some current hot topics that are grouped by the different job functions of attendees. The marketing, ABI and HR roundtables will take place throughout the day Sunday. These sessions allow time for folks to learn from one another and in the past have been a great way to converse with others who are dealing with similar situations.

We are building upon our work last year and making sure our event attendees not only have fantastic educational sessions but have an overall amazing experience.

Our highly anticipated workforce recruitment documentary will also make its premiere at this year’s Annual Conference during the Monday morning general session.

Lastly, we are building upon our work last year and making sure our event attendees not only have fantastic educational sessions, but have an overall amazing experience. We have brought back our shoe shine and head shot stations this year thanks to our sponsors Southwire and Bard. In addition, we have added a Virtual Reality station as well that will be setup throughout the conference, giving our members in attendance a chance to experience VR. I have to say that it is a crazy experience that I got to try last fall in Austin when I met with VR expert and conference speaker Mohammad Ali.

This is just a glimpse of what this year’s conference has in store for those members joining us. We will be continuing to share updates with members in the weeks leading up to the biggest event for HVAC wholesale distribution of the year. As always, feel free to contact us with questions you have about the event. We look forward to seeing everyone in a few weeks and are pumped to show you all a fantastic event.

This article was published in the November 2018 issue of the HARDI Thermostatus monthly newsletter. For more information, visit hardinet.org.