Returning to Work - How Ready is Your Organization?

BY Syretta Williams
6/11/2020 - HVAC Employment , COVID-19

As we continue to strive to thrive while dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic, families and businesses are preparing to try to return to some state of “normalcy.”  Families may be planning activities that can be done “stay-cation” style or outdoors that will allow for social distancing.  As states begin to ramp their economies back up, businesses prepare to re-open as well, with new processes and policies in place; many of them as a result of dealing with COVID-19.

There are many considerations that organizations must think through and find solutions to - not all of them are obvious or known currently. The question is, how ready is your organization to open back up? As you ponder that question, many other questions may sprout. For example, what new policies or procedures does your organization need in place to open its doors? What cleanliness and sanitization training has been implemented so that both employees and customers feel safe? Has your organization considered what to do if there is a suspected case of COVID-19 once re-opened etc.?

With all these questions swirling around in your mind, it can get overwhelming and hard to know where to begin. Re-opening can create anxiety within the organization if communications are not shared with employees and customers on what is being done to create a safe, healthy environment and why the organization is going through such great lengths. HARDI is here to help provide organizations with resources to sort through it all and help ensure that go-forward operations are in the best interest of the organization, employees, families, and customers.

Returning to Work Resources include:

  • HR Consulting Services – As a part of our 5 Keys to Peak Season, make sure that your organization has an HR expert in its corner to answer ongoing HR and legal challenges that may still arise throughout 2020 and beyond.
  • COVID-19 Employee Handbook Addendums (preview) – HARDI HR subscribers get access to these Employee Handbook addendums at no charge as part of our resource library. These are meant to be used and edited as needed to safeguard that updated policies are in place.
    • This is a $250.00 value!
    • The addendums contain policies and protocols on eight subjects including Returning to Work, PPE, Sanitation and more.
    • This can be purchased separately for non-HR Consulting Subscribers.
  • Facilities Sanitization Toolkit – This resource has been developed as a part of our 5 Keys to Peak Season to help organizations understand how to properly sanitize their branches, plus properly train and track the work of employees designated for these tasks.
    • This toolkit includes an employee acknowledgment form to keep in personnel files once cleaning expectations and responsibilities have been assigned.
  • Reopening Considerations – As a free bonus, HARDI is providing access to this document to springboard organizations to audit their readiness, provided by HARDI’s Sanitization Consultant, Joel Craddock.

Many lessons have been learned while dealing with COVID-19 in early 2020. Now is the time to capture that intel into formal policies and procedures to ensure continued safe operations with the flow of business, while still dealing with the effects of the pandemic and crafting the “new normal” at your organization.  As organizations ramp up to peak season, HARDI hopes to help you capitalize on the opportunity to continue to serve your customers as well as protect them and your employees with these additional resources.  Taking advantage of these resources can help reduce risk of future virus spikes and handling ongoing challenges as they arise.

For additional assistance on this or other compliance, HR or training and development matters be sure to seek assistance through HARDI’s HR Consulting Services or contact Syretta Williams. 

We are all in this together.