Proven Solutions from Proven Partners

BY Brandin Bursa
8/19/2020 - HVAC Networking , HVAC Operations

When you need a new vendor for your business, where is the first place you check? Google? Bing?

It can be tough to sort through the thousands and thousands of companies that have paid or maneuvered their way up the search engine list. How can you really tell which vendor will be the best fit?

This is the part where you start making phone calls, sending emails, and setting up initial meetings. Next you have to explain your business because let’s be honest, many vendors you’ll find on Google overlook the HVACR industry and lack knowledge and understanding of wholesale distribution.

Once you finish those numerous meetings (don’t forget about the internal meetings that follow) and choose a vendor, how many hours do you think have collectively been spent by your team on this selection? Probably a lot more than you want to admit, but what choice do you have?

Turns out, HARDI has a great new choice to consider.

What if there was a collection of service vendors who focus extensively on HVACR Wholesale Distributors? That they all have been vetted and approved by You, the wholesale members who have used and continue to use their services? What if they were HARDI members too?

What has just been described to you is our new Proven Partner Program.

This Board of Directors Approved Program has been designed to help you save time searching through countless vendors who really don’t understand or fit your business needs. Instead, we provide you with high quality, highly evaluated HARDI Service Vendor Members who offer the services you are seeking specifically for the HVACR industry.

These Proven Partners have submitted multiple member references, provided case studies, and endured numerous phone conversations with HARDI management to ensure we are only bringing the best of the best to our members.

The Proven Partner Program is now live on Under the Membership tab at the top of the page, you will see the Proven Partner page.

Within that page you will begin to find service vendors for a wide variety of business needs ranging from technology to logistics, from promotion to processing. We are bringing you top quality choices that your peers have tested, approved, and vouched for emphatically.

So if you’d like to get all those hours back that it normally takes to find a qualified vendor, jump on over to HARDI’s Proven Partner page and discover a better way to find proven solutions, from Proven Partners.  

If you are interested in becoming a Proven Partner, please reach out to Brandin Bursa, Account Manager.