Navigating Human Resources During COVID-19

BY Syretta Williams
5/29/2020 - HVAC Employment , COVID-19

With every human being in some way being affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, Human Resources departments, rather large or small, are certainly feeling the challenges daily as they continue to try to support their employees.  During this difficult time, “The People People” as HR departments are often referred to as, have likely taken on a whole other meaning while they field questions around FFCRA and E-FMLA, trying to support their leadership through strategic employment status changes and just generally trying to be the calm through a stormy situation. 

So how have Human Resource professionals been navigating through each question and scenario they are faced with? What lessons can you learn from their experiences as your organization is trying to come out of the other side and get back to “normal?” 

In addition to the FAQs that HARDI has posted from its members in general, HARDI asked its HR Council Members to provide some FAQs and scenarios that they have commonly been running into dealing with COVID-19 and wanted to share that information with readers in hopes that other organizations can benefit from their experiences. The Best Practices and FAQ below contains additional directly linked resources from organizations such as the CDC, FEMA, and ERA. Please note that these responses and best practices are not state specific and are in no way meant to provide state, federal or legal compliance or guidance.

View the Best Practices and FAQs

To continue supporting its membership, HARDI encourages members to share and ask their HR related questions about COVID-19 challenges using this form.  These FAQs will continue to be answered and posted with our other COVID-19 content for reference in either FAQ, webinar, or video format. 

Be sure to check out HARDI’s recently’ hosted webinar with Crowell and Moring and Re-Opening and Operating Your Business During a Pandemic.

Share with us your COVID-19 human resources challenges as your organization continues to make strides to return to “normal.”

For additional assistance on this or other compliance, HR or training and development matters be sure to seek assistance through HARDI’s HR Consulting Services (one of our new 5 Keys of Peak Season) or contact Syretta Williams. 

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We are all in this together.

The information in this blog post is intended as broad, general-use information:  it is not legal advice about any particular situation.  There may be specific differences in your state or local law.  The application of some information may depend on your number of employees.  While this information was prepared with the assistance and review of a management employment attorney, it is not intended to provide specific legal advice.  Each situation you may encounter has its own facts, circumstances and special considerations.  If you have specific questions about a particular factual situation, it is advised that you obtain individual legal review and advice of those particular facts. As always, please feel free to reach out to HARDI or Pam Krivda directly.