Mexico Essential Business Progress

BY Gui Messina
4/17/2020 - HVAC Government Affairs , COVID-19

Gui Messina, our Executive Director of HARDI Mexico has been hard at work advocating for businesses in the HVACR industry to be considered "essential" in Mexico.

With 57% of American A/C imports coming from Mexico, it is important to stay up to date on any news coming from Mexican plants.

Emerson: One of their plants in Reynosa that makes components was asked to close at 12PM local time today (4/17). The inspection of the plant went well, yet the authorities ordered to close all plants and they insisted that this plant was not “essential” because they do not manufacture a finished product.

HARDI Mexico provided a letter with the full interpretation from the Mexican Health and federal authorities guidelines, where products required for maintenance of “essential businesses” were also considered “essential”. HARDI Mexico believes this will work out and we expect the plant to re-open soon.

Resideo/Honeywell: One of their plants that manufactures parts for Refrigeration equipment and water heating equipment is being closed. We are working with the local team to find out what documentation they already have, and what they may need in order to show the authorities that they do comply with the “essential” guidelines from Mexico.

Gui will be giving weekly video updates on his work in Mexico, which includes ensuring that production continues throughout this pandemic. Subscribe to receive Gui's Mexico updates here.

Please let Brandin Bursa know of ANY news you hear about Mexico plant closures or updates.