Member Spotlight: Todd Day

BY Emily Frost
6/30/2020 - HVAC News

The HARDI member spotlight serves as a regular feature through which the association highlights stand out individuals in the HVACR industry and their companies. For our July Member Spotlight, we spoke with Todd Day, President of Standard Supply. We highlight Todd this month for his continued support of our partner philanthropy, Homes For Our Troops.

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Todd Day
Standard Supply

In this interview, Todd and HARDI's Content Manager, Emily Frost, discuss Standard Supply's philanthropic culture, ways they include their partners in their Golf Fundraising Tournament, and what Homes For Our Troops means to Standard Supply as an organization.

Homes For Our Troops builds and donates specially adapted custom homes nationwide for severely injured post-9/11 Veterans, to enable them to rebuild their lives.

Please enjoy this Zoom interview!

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Tell us a little bit about Standard Supply and your philanthropic efforts.

Todd: Standard Supply is owned by Bill and Spencer Shaw and I'm blessed to be able to run the business for them. We have our core values, God, Family, and Career in that order. We’re always looking at ways to give back and work with our Vendors, Suppliers, and Customers to be a part of something really big. So, several years ago, there was a group of police officers that were shot and killed in the city of Dallas. That event hit home with me. We always had a golf event that we would we would throw for our customers and just have a good time and thank them for their third business and put out a pretty decent party for them. After the police shooting, we thought, well, why don't we raise donations for the cause and for the families that lost their loved ones. And so that's kind of how it started. For us working through the Dallas Police Department and the officers that lost their lives. And it was a fun deal for us to give back to the community and in that event, we raised a decent amount of money for the officers' families and I guess it was probably two months later, we are at the HARDI Annual Conference event and we saw Homes For Our Troops and we wanted to work closely with HARDI and the organizations they are working with to be a bigger part, so that's how we started doing the Homes For Our Troops program.

How has your Golf Fundraising Event grown over the years?

We fill the tournament with as many players as we can, and we work with our supplier partners and contractors to where we charge everybody a certain fee to play any event, and then we have raffle prizes and stuff. I think in our original tournament, we raised around $14,000 for the police officers and I think last year we raised close to $50,000. We did some things to get some raffles from certain people to auction those off and customers and some of our vendors really opened their pockets up.

You have to get HFOT involved, having a couple of the soldiers play in the events. We've had Ben McDonald from HFOT come down, although he's a Patriots fan and we’re all Cowboys fans, but it's okay. We like Ben. But really, it brings the message home with what these folks have sacrificed for our country and it's just, it's an amazing cause and when you hear the stories and you hear people complain about their golf game. I remember the first time I played with Hector Luna Rodriguez. I'm complaining about my golf game, but he's missing a leg from being in the military and this guy's hit the ball better than I am, and I've got both of my legs. So, it's really, getting them involved. It's so much fun and they did risk life and limb for our country and for our freedom. So, it's a really great cause to be involved in.

Tell us about the HFOT staff and what it’s like to work with them.

The staff is very approachable. It’s simple to get involved, just send an email to HARDI or HFOT. I mean, you can meet them all at HARDI’s conference and it's not hard. Just go say hi and say, we’d love to be involved with what you guys are doing.  It’s working with your customers and your vendors to donate product and then they build a quality home. You don't even have to think about all the things that they do and why they need the funds. They just handle the little things like making sure the house is completely level. So, they might do hundreds of thousands of dollars for dirt work just to make sure to the wheelchairs won't roll in and out of the driveway is it's just an amazing thing.

How has giving back become a part of Standard Supply’s company culture?

I have several ex golf professionals that work for me. So, they run a whole committee for our tournament. Things like getting flags with our log and HFOT’s logo on them, tee markers, the vendors help sponsor holes and raffle prizes, etc.  A whole team of people that put the event on and having our folks showing up four hours before the event kicks off and getting everything ready and picking people up, get them on the right golf carts, getting coolers loaded with waters and beer and whatever. It's a pretty big ordeal to pull off.

All we ask of the HFOT folks is to show up. When they show up and talk about the cause and what we're doing, I’ve seen tears for people when they start to hear the stories, including my own. I'm kind of a softy every time I hear what they've been through. I can't help it, but it's a fun deal. The majority of the money goes to building a home and the HFOT staff takes very little just to administer everything.

How will you change the event with COVID?

Right now, with COVID, it's going to be a little complicated, not, not sure how we're going to pull something out. We'll figure something out. It might not be a large group gathering, but some things we're doing this year just, trying some new things, like certain products percentage of sales will go to HFOT. I don't have any stats as to what that looks like today, but we're trying some other efforts to raise additional funds, other than just our big golf event. But it's amazing when you get HFOT involved and they start putting their logo on certain things, it really, really helps. And, people really do open up their hearts for to those folks that sacrificed so much.

What advice do you have for other HARDI members looking to participate in HFOT?

Well, depends on what business you're in and where your heart is and what you want to do. Some folks, they may choose autism, which is a great cause we do some stuff for that. Wherever your hearts near and dear to I think that you've got to, you've got to choose something that's right for your business and for us it’s HFOT, which was made possible through HARDI. We work as a part of the construction industry and it really, really hits home with us; I'd say. Just try something one time and have somebody from HFOT get involved if you have any type of meeting or gathering. Just meet some of these folks would be my recommendation, meet Ben McDonald. Just hear what they do and how they do it and why they do it, it's just amazing, but I would just recommend that you reach out to them and not the other way around. If you're waiting on them to call you mean it's probably not going to happen.

We don’t talk about what we do for other people because it really, it’s not, this is not a braggadocious moment not something you want to, toot your own horn, too, so to speak, it’s that something you do from the heart. And it's not something that we publicize or anything like that. We just want to do something that's right and we can. And so, we do. And that's really what it's about it. Guys, it goes back to our core value of, our, being a God and Family-based business and it's important to us to give back.

What do you like to do for 4th of July?

For me personally, my wife and I usually have about 100 or so people over, we have a large fireworks show at the house with water slides and bounce houses and all those things and lots of food and festivities. And just because of the coronavirus I think we're probably going to walk around the neighborhood, just to see fireworks from afar and just keep our family safe and spend it with a family, which is sad because we really enjoy having all the folks over. My son especially likes our parties, he turns into a DJ. And so, it's a lot of fun, but this year we're going to lay low and to spend it with family and we're looking forward to the change of pace. But we're also looking forward to getting back to normalcy and celebrating our freedom.

If you would like to get involved with HFOT, please reach out to Izzy Reed at or use our Text to Donate option. Just text HARDI to 243–725.

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