Member Insights: Week 7 Pulse Survey Results on Impact of COVID-19

BY Sarah Jilbert
6/11/2020 - COVID-19

We sent our seventh Weekly Pulse Survey to distributors on Friday, May 22nd, which was the last “weekly” Pulse survey. The Pulse Survey was initiated to get a sense of where our members were in the COVID-19 pandemic. We ultimately wanted to monitor key metrics and see when they would start changing indicating the start of a recovery phase opposed to an emergency phase. This happened in week 6 (week of 5/11/20) where we saw sales increase and hiring really take off.

All new questions were released in Week 7’s survey and were focused specifically on recovery. Additionally, this was a soft introduction into our 5 Keys to Peak Season, our new resources to help member succeed during peak cooling season despite the pandemic.

Keep in mind that these results are not statistically significant but provide a general pulse on where the industry sits.   

Week 7 Pulse Survey Result Highlights:


  • Over 50% of participants indicated their sales are down 5%-20% compared to this time last year
  • 13% indicated their sales are down 20%-30% compared to this time last year
  • 12% indicated their sales are up less than 5% compared to this time last year
  • 7% indicated their sales are the same compared to this time last year

HR Issues:

  • 70% of participants indicated they are not currently having any HR issues
  • 15% indicated their employees or customers are not following documented procedures
  • 6% indicated they are struggling to get their PPP loan forgiven
  • 6% indicated their employee has tested positive for COVID or has been exposed

Sanitizing Facility:

  • 61% of participants indicated they are not having any struggles related to sanitizing their facility
  • 19% indicated they don’t have enough or can’t find proper/desired cleaning supplies
  • 9% indicated they don’t have the most effective sanitizing strategy
  • 6% indicated they don’t have documented sanitizing policies and procedures

Sales Teams:

  • 48% of participants are allowing sales teams to visit customers in person
  • 42% are not allowing sales teams to visit customers in person
  • 10% indicated they are allowing in person visits but at customer request only
  • A majority of participants indicated there will be less in person interactions and there will be an increase in “serve yourself,” i.e. text, online and email ordering, moving forward

Cooling Season:

  • 55% of participants indicated cooling season hasn’t started yet

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