Get to Know Jason Bader and His New Podcast: Distribution Talk

BY Emily Frost
7/29/2019 - HVAC Networking

Jason Bader, owner of The Distribution Team, HARDI’s Branch Manager Workshop instructor, and this year’s Focus Conference speaker is the host of the new podcast, Distribution Talk.  Each week he interviews a leader in the distribution industry to dive into their stories, struggles, and solutions to shed a light on wholesale and bring together a community.

Jason started in the distribution industry at a young age. He was born into a family owned supply business and started taking on responsibilities at the young age of 13. Jason decided after over 20 years in the family business that he wanted to take what he had learned and use it to help others succeed in the distribution industry. With his younger brother taking over the company, Jason set out to become a consultant; coaching and helping small businesses move away from daily firefighting activities and becoming more strategic in their business development.

One day, while participating in an online peer networking group, Peers on Demand, where business owners meet to discuss their struggles and get feedback from their peers, Jason realized the need of an outlet for business owners in the distribution industry to listen to each other’s stories and learn even more about the industry as a whole. Which brings us to the creation of Distribution Talk.

Jason’s goal for Distribution Talk is to entertain, educate, and inspire his listeners through brief conversations with those who have chosen to make a career in the distribution industry. He wants listeners to understand that there is no “one way to skin a cat” when it comes to the distribution industry. It is a very simple business and we tend to throw nuances at it. There are so many ways to attack problems and sometimes you just have to take a step back and look at other options.

Based on feedback from his first few episodes, Jason has discovered a vast amount of new people in the industry who love listening to the stories of their predecessors. Jason has a passion to attract a younger audience to the distribution business and he is doing so through the fascinating stories of those who have spent their career in the industry. One story may inspire a high school or college student to begin a career in distribution, so we must join together and tell our compelling stories.

Jason encourages everyone to continuously “sharpen the saw” of personal development. Read an article in a trade magazine, read a blog post, watch a YouTube video, and the easiest option, listen to content (like this podcast). Take 30 minutes each day to better yourself and learn something new. Each Distribution Talk episode is 30 minutes long, perfect for your daily commute. To continuously improve and sharpen your mind, you can’t be complacent. At the very least, take time to think and reflect at the end of each day. If you want to contribute to the future of distribution, tell your story!  If you would like to tell your story on how you made it in the industry, let us know and you could be featured on Jason’s podcast.

You can find Jason’s podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, and Google Play. You can also meet Jason in person at HARDI’s 2019 Focus Conference, September 11th through 13th, and the Branch Manager workshops in October.

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