Introducing HARDI Hub: Our New Video Platform

BY Emily Frost
10/28/2019 - HVAC Marketing

Last week, we debuted our new interactive video portal for educational and industry content, called HARDI Hub. To get you familiarized and ready to utilize the Hub to its full potential, we describe the Hub in detail below:

What is HARDI Hub?

HARDI Hub was conceptualized as a YouTube-like video portal themed around the HVAC industry, that provides educational content to help our members improve their careers and businesses.

How does this tool help me?

HARDI Hub will include content like full conference sessions, interviews with thought leaders and industry specialists, and original content from HARDI staff members.

Full Conference Sessions:

You may have seen a camera crew at the most recent HARDI event you attended. HARDI has been recording valuable content at all of our events to be featured on HARDI Hub. Members will have exclusive access to full conference sessions to refer back to, or session summaries to share main highlights with a colleague who was unable to make it.  You will be able to log in with your existing login.  If you are unsure what your username or password is, contact Izzy Reed

Thought Leadership:

HARDI Hub will also feature “thought leadership” videos. Industry experts may lecture, participate in an interview, or even produce a webinar on a subject that they are the expert in. These shorter videos will provide quick pieces of knowledge to help you further your thinking and expand your mind to a particular topic.

Orignial HARDI Content:

You will also see content from HARDI staff on the Hub. Brian Loftus will convert his popular TRENDS analysis into a TRENDS in 2 Minutes feature every month, and provide other Market Intelligence content with Tim Fisher. Staff will hop on the Hub to provide company and industry updates, inform you about a HARDI initiative, or provide government policy updates.

How can I utilize this tool to get the most benefit?

To personalize HARDI Hub and see the content that applies to you, SUBSCRIBE! We will have numerous different channels that apply to different interests and job functions that you can opt-in to receive alerts for.  These include:

Stay up to date on HARDI happenings. Learn about member, staff, and industry updates.

HVAC Market Intelligence
Benchmarking, Unitary Reports, Industry Trends, and more. Stay on top of the environment your business thrives in.

HVAC Employment
Find all the tools for successful recruitment, training, and development of your employees.

HVAC Marketing
Learn best practices for marketing your HVAC business 

HVAC Sales
Discover what it takes to foster a successful sales team.

HVAC Networking
Find industry events, learn about industry leaders, and discover networking opportunities.

HVAC Operations
Understand how to best operate your HVAC business. Including inventory management, trucking, insurance, and more.

HVAC Government Affairs
Keep informed on government issues that affect the HVAC industry.

You can pick and choose which topics relate most to you and receive email updates when new videos are posted to these channels. More channels may be added to the Hub as we grow.

We have preloaded videos onto the Hub and plan to release new videos every week. Please feel free to contact Emily Frost with any feedback!

Stay tuned for more and subscribe to the Hub today! We are excited to provide this tool and look forward to seeing it grow!