How HEAT.U Can Help Maintain Productivity While Working Remotely

BY Syretta Williams
3/25/2020 - HVAC Employment , COVID-19

During this uncertain time of the COVID-19 pandemic, we want our members to know that we are here for them in any way we can lend support through relevant content, consultations, and strategies to meet their training and development needs.

As many organizations review and revise their organizational design, and transition their workforce to working remotely, we are pleased to offer eLearning courses to help you and your team be as productive as possible from home.

As a HARDI member, HARDI’s Education and Training University (HEAT.U) is your #1 resource for professional development. HARDI members have access to a full-featured Learning Management System, and discounted pricing on thousands of courses including Technical HVACRSelling at a Distance, and Managing and Working Remotely. To access our full course catalog, click here.

During this difficult time, we are offering a free two-week trial to HARDI members not already engaged in HEAT.U so you can provide additional training to your employees.

As a preview to one of the thousands of courses available in our curated content library, check out these interactive video courses, Preparing for an Epidemic and Selling at a Distance (1 of 14): The Distance Sales Cycle. In a few minutes each course provide learners with an understanding of what is happening today with COVID-19, prevention and safety measures, working remote tips and organizational survival tactics, handouts, CDC resources, distance selling techniques which can be applied today in your new work environment, and an assessment. 

Preparing for an Epidemic course highlights:
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Beginning – Defining an epidemic

0:38 – Outlines Coronavirus and details how it is affecting the world today

2:16 – Link to the CDC’s Coronavirus website

2:30 – Tips for handling epidemics including taking care of your health and community while reducing fear and panic

4:08 – How to avoid contact with people who are sick and allowing flexibility in the workplace

4:46 – What can be done to reduce the virus from spreading

5:46 – The importance of cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched objects and surfaces

6:37 – How handwashing impacts the reduction of spreading the infection

7:07 – Why creating a business plan and sticking to it is important to the organization’s survival during this uncertain time

7:37 – How providing cross training can help keep the business running if the outbreak hits your company

7:52 – Personal and business travel considerations during this time of outbreak

8:24 - Link to the CDC’s Current Outbreak List

8:25 – When to seek medical attention and final tips for staying safe in the face of an epidemic

Selling at a Distance (1 of 14): The Distance Sales Cycle course highlights:

Beginning – Compares and contrasts the sales cycle of yesterday and today

1:15 – Discusses the cost of face to face sales calls

1:27 - Outlines the barriers to getting to an in-person sales meeting

2:32 – New distance sales cycle outlined and begins to discuss when to use traditional methods of contact and new methods of technology with the customer

3:17 – Begins to outline the steps with making a sale over the phone

3:40 – (Steps 1-2) the importance of having a good four-minute pitch

4:00 – (Step 3) what an expansion message is and how to use it to get a 20-minute meeting

4:14 – (Step 4) getting the opportunity for a full in-person meeting (60-minutues) and knowing that this too can be accomplished virtually under circumstances like COVID-19

4:39 – (Step 5) implementing a traditional sales call after steps 1-4 have been accomplished successfully

5:07 – Final tips and reiteration of the importance of researching your prospect and using appropriate resources

Closing – Reinforces the importance of the sales team as a revenue generator for the organization

Check out more HEAT.U courses on working remotely including a remote leadership series, Managing Remotely, and Enhancing Productivity with Remote Workers.

Get on the road to planning an ROI where your learners can immediately implement what they learn, and remain productive in this new work environment.

Whether you are currently a HEAT.U subscribing organization or want to take advantage of this free two-week trial offer, we are here to help you navigate this uncertain time. To engage your learners, contact Syretta Williams to get started.

We are all in this together. 

Syretta-01Syretta Williams
Manager of Training & HR Solutions