Hot Commodity Documentary Premiered at Annual Conference...Now What?

BY Chris DeBoer
12/13/2018 - HVAC Employment

Just over a year after the original idea of creating a full-length feature documentary, we were able to debut the first cut of the film at our Annual Conference in Austin. The film premiered to hundreds of attendees during a morning general session and showcased several young individuals and how their unique circumstances led them to the industry. Hot Commodity got some folks laughing, some attendees tearing up and left many wondering “what’s next” and “how can we help?”.

Overall, the documentary received a lot of great reviews. However, we also received some thoughts and suggestions on how we can make the piece even more impactful. We appreciate the honest feedback and plan to review all the notes we received and see how we can make certain adjustments before the piece is complete. Once finalized, we will proceed with our original game plan of getting the film on streaming platforms like Amazon, Hulu, iTunes and, hopefully, Netflix.


Hot Commodity is a full-length film, like other documentaries out there. The primary intent is to reach an audience of curious individuals that are constantly scouring streaming platforms, eager to learn about things that they may be unfamiliar with. However, we do plan to slice and dice this film into shorter bits that can be used in different ways to different target audiences. Which brings up a great segue into “what is next?” and “how can we help?”.

The documentary is just one piece of a much larger puzzle. And we need your help on shaping those other pieces. The film is working to tackle an awareness issue, but we want to know what you need specifically to make this initiative an applicable tool for your organization. HARDI staff, with the help of our Marketing and HR Councils, are spearheading the efforts, but we want to hear your thoughts. If you are willing, we would love for you to follow this link to help elaborate on any needs or ideas you have that can help make the Workforce Recruitment Initiative a success.

We are also looking for funding for the initiative. This is an additional program that we are working on and we need support in order for this effort to really take off. If you are interested in contributing to our ongoing efforts, it will give us the financial means that we will need to continue the initiative. Contributions can be tax-deductible and will be put to good use in our ongoing efforts. You can find more info on contributions here.

This article was featured in the December 2018 Thermostatus newsletter.