Hot Commodity Aims to Highlight Opportunities and Combat Stigmas

BY Emily Frost
7/30/2020 - HVAC Employment

Last week we announced the long awaited release of our feature-length film, Hot Commodity. A behind-the-scenes look at young people finding success in the skilled trades, specifically HVACR. In just one week, the film has been streamed over 8,800 minutes!


Hot Commodity 7


With our mission aiming to make Wholesale Distributors the channel of choice for HVACR Manufacturers and Contractors, we began looking for tactical ways to achieve this goal. Knowing that recruiting and retaining top talent is a primary issue our members, and the trades as a whole, deal with daily, we created the Workforce Recruitment Initiative.


This initiative was developed to help battle the growing labor shortage in the trades by spreading awareness of the HVACR Wholesale Distribution industry to the younger generation, encouraging these individuals to join the industry. Hot Commodity is the step off point for this initiative.


The feature-length film showcases the lives of different individuals that are currently working in the HVACR industry, and tells their stories on how they found their way to it. The film also highlights the demand for skilled people to enter the workforce and highlights the vast array of careers that are present in the indispensable industry.

“I believe this film can be pointed toward parents, who a majority still believe success is defined by going to college when there are so many other great career paths that don’t need a college degree. Even having conversations with my parents now, they regret telling me college was my only path,” says Jessie Suriano, Director and Producer of the film.

Our film aims to combat the stigmas surrounding skilled labor and trade professions and highlights this alternative path as a very viable option for people to consider when making decisions for their future.

Hot Commodity 2

“Our goal was to shift the conversation. There is a notion that college equals success. This isn’t always the case. There are a lot of opportunities in the HVAC industry and the trades as a whole,” says HARDI Director of Marketing, and film Executive Producer, Chris DeBoer. “We wanted to bring awareness that there is a solid career to be had, with less debt and the same, if not more, opportunity as someone who completed a 4-year degree.”

We would love to get this documentary into the hands of as many students and parents as possible, to show them they have more options than pursuing a 4 year degree. This film can also be used by our members and our members customers as a recruitment tool at job fairs, career days, and more. 

Please help us spread the word and share this documentary or donate to the HARDI Foundation to help us continue to create resources for the Workforce Recruitment Initiative.

Hot Commodity is now available to stream on Amazon Prime and HARDI Hub.

You can learn more about the film at and learn more about HARDI’s Workforce Recruitment Initiative at

If you would like to partner with us on this initiative, please contact Chris DeBoer at for more information.