HARDI Pulse Survey: Recovery Week 2 Results

BY Sarah Jilbert & Tim Fisher
7/15/2020 - COVID-19

We sent out the second HARDI Pulse Survey: Recovery on Friday July 10th, to see how the industry has been recovering since the COVID economic shutdown.

Note that these results are not statistically significant but provide a general “pulse” of where the industry sits.

Overview Snapshot (100 participants)

Projected Performance

  • 57% of participants indicated their 2020 summer performance will be better than summer of 2019, which is up from 44% a month ago.
  • On average, participants projected year end 2020 sales performance to be 1% up compared to year end 2019 sales. Answers ranged from 30% down to 21% up compared to 2019. Last month projected performance was 1% down.

Segment Trends

  • 45% of participants are currently seeing more replace jobs (compared to 30% last month) and 11% are seeing more repair jobs (compared to 16% last month)
  • 48% of participants indicated the residential new construction segment is faring normal (compared to 40% last month), 19% indicated it’s faring above normal (compared to 11% last month) and 33% indicated it’s faring below normal (compared to 49% last month)
  • 34% of participants indicated the commercial new construction segment is faring normal (compared to 36% last month), 9% indicated it’s faring above normal (compared to 6% last month) and 57% indicated it’s faring below normal (compared to 58% last month)


  • 88% of respondents have not had any new COVID cases in the past two weeks while 12% have had new cases within their company. This is an increase of COVID cases with 7% indicating new cases in last months survey.
  • 70% of respondents indicated their employees and customers have relaxed about COVID but are still somewhat concerned, 27% indicated their employees and customers are very concerned about COVID and only 3% are no longer concerned about COVID.


  • Of the respondents experiencing inventory delays, 14% are experiencing delays of one week or less, 53% are experiencing delays of two to three weeks, 27% are experiencing delays of a month and 6% are experiencing delays or two months or more.

Consumer Preference

  • When asked to rank customer preferred pick up options between 1 (highest) to 4 (lowest), delivery was the most popular followed by will call, counter and curbside. Last month the most popular was as delivery followed by counter, will call and curbside.

Regional Snapshot

Screen Shot 2020-07-15 at 9.43.46 AM