HARDI Mexico 2-Step Distribution Award

BY Gui Messina
12/9/2020 - HARDI Mexico

HARDI Mexico is looking to help manufacturers and distributors understand the advantages of the 2 step distribution model and this year Intensity has made great strides to reduce the amount of clients that its serving and to provide a clear area of distribution for its distributors. This model is very clear in the US and it is not so well known through LATAM and Mexico. Some manufacturers serve over 1,500 clients and that increases their production variability, reduces the inventory that distributors are willing to carry as they would be competing against contractors that do not carry inventory and only sell projects.

Distributors also need to improve their sales model in Mexico as they historically depended on counter sales only, now they are starting to create professional sales departments with the proper incentives and structure to be successful in the field.

By promoting the economies of scale and the financial advantages of the “2 step distribution model” to the whole distribution chain we see more manufacturers becoming aware of the need to have an efficient, well trained and professional distribution network that serves the customer well and promotes gains in market share.


We congratulate Intensity for all of the efforts of the past year and for the new challenges that they have accepted to keep improving their distribution network and differentiating themselves in the marketplace in Mexico through great services, clear distribution areas and innovative products and solutions for the Mexican HAVCR Market.

Intensity and Lennox are the recipients of this award so far and both companies are working continuously to keep improving their distribution networks in Mexico. We look forward to more and more changes from the industry in Mexico especially in the AC side in the coming years to better serve their customers and to establish a strong distribution network that adds value to the whole industry.


If you would like more information or would like to get involved with HARDI Mexico, please contact Guitze Messina at gmessina@hardinet.org.