Google Local Services: A New Way to Acquire Leads

BY Nir Kushnir
8/14/2019 - HVAC Marketing

Nir Kushnir is the Director of Business Development for SearchKings

Google Local Services is changing the way non-branded home services companies acquire leads. This verified directory rewards providers based on their quality of service and reliability. Recently, an expansion has allowed even more providers across North America to benefit from the platform, including HVAC and plumbing providers.

Here are three ways that Google Local Services can impact your business:  

A new business model: pay for leads not for clicks

Google Local Services only charges advertisers for phone calls directed to their office. The flat fee per lead is set by vertical and geography. Only calls over 30 seconds are charged.

Building trust through the Google Guarantee

To participate in the program, advertisers must pass Google’s screening and qualification process in order to earn their Google Guarantee badge. The Google Guarantee badge lets customers know that the services provided by the business are insured by Google. In the event a homeowner is not satisfied with the quality of work, the Google Guarantee may cover claims up to the amount on the job invoice.

Reliable performance = more leads

Advertisers with high customer review ratings, who demonstrate reliable phone availability, show up more often within the top three spots of search results on Google. This performance-based ranking replaces the traditional pay-per-click model that uses the advertiser's willingness to pay for specific keywords.

What’s next?

Google Local Services is still in its early stages of development but there are exciting new developments on the way. Integration with Google maps and the inclusion of listed advertisers in voice search results are just two examples of what we should expect from this platform in the next month.

Meet Nir at HARDI's 2019 Focus Conference on Friday September 12th.

He will be presenting 2 sessions: “Google Local Services and The Customer Reviews-Based Economy" and an 'All Things Google' workshop with SearchKings during the Marketing track.