Get Through Basic Training with Wholesaling 101

BY Syretta Williams
8/13/2020 - HVAC Employment , COVID-19

As your organization continues to flex in this “new world” of operations, like many other industries, you may have been able to capitalize on the top talent in the hiring pool to fill open positions. What attracted you to making an offer to your new employee might have been their proven work ethic provided by reference checks, their style of leadership or other transferable skills. However, this top talent may not have industry knowledge which leaves you with the question, “How does my organization fill this skill gap?”

Surely an on the job training plan should be put in place where job shadowing and organizational knowledge transfers will happen within your new employee’s first 90 days however, learning wholesale industry knowledge may be a bit more challenging and require more support and resources.

HARDI is pleased to announce that its Brand-New eLearning Wholesaling 101 course has been added to HEAT.U! This course will help support our members to fill that industry knowledge gap. This course is comprised of 10 modules:

  1. An Introduction to the Wholesale Business
  2. What Is Marketing?
  3. Functions in the Distribution Channel
  4. Wholesale Selling
  5. Learning about the Customer
  6. Customer Credit
  7. Introduction to the Wholesaler’s Warehouse
  8. Introduction to Government Regulations in Distributions
  9. Purchasing for Profitability
  10. Introduction to Ethics

Gone are the days of using our prior .pdf version of this course[1]. Click here to preview of the new course. Learners can now complete each module in about 20 minutes or less in a fully interactive experience.   The 2020 version is complete with course interactions and short-graded quizzes to help Training Leaders track the learners’ understanding of each module.

Want a customized learning experience for your organization or maybe even the ability to build this course into your onboarding plan in addition to the other thousands of courses that HEAT.U offers? HARDI has you covered! These 10 modules can be taken in one course track or can be customized by breaking them down over multiple tracks along with other courses included in the tracks to round out the training for your organization.

Maybe you don’t have any new employees however you noticed a skill gap with your current employees and want to help them “sharpen their saw?” Wholesaling 101 can help you do that too where again the modules can be taken by each learner to meet their specific skill gap ensuring that all your employees have the same baseline of knowledge to successfully serve your customers.

Interested in getting started with this new course, download the latest enrollment form and start your learner’s annual subscription to HEAT.U with this new course. Organizations with more than 50 learners to enroll[2], can save money though our bulk rate pricing program.

Want more information on all that HEAT.U has to offer to your organization to help you breeze through cooling season and get a jump start on heating season, set up a consultation call with HARDI’s Talent department and we will help your organization find the right customized learning solution.

For additional assistance on this or other compliance, HR, or training and development matters be sure to seek assistance through HARDI’s HR Consulting Services or contact Syretta Williams.

Syretta-01Syretta Williams
Manager of Training & HR Solutions

[1] Learners enrolled in the current .pdf version of the course, will need to complete their course work within the next three (3) weeks or will lose their work and be enrolled into the new version under their active HEAT.U subscriptions.

[2] To obtain bulk rate pricing, all learners must be enrolled at the same time so that their subscriptions start and end within the same year.