3 Reasons To Attend HARDI's Focus Conference

This year HARDI has revamped the format for our yearly Focus Conference. Previously, individual tracks were divided up into their own conferences throughout the year in various locations across the US. However, after demand from HARDI members, it was decided to bring all departments together for one big annual industry event in 2019.

Marketing, Sales, Supply Chain, ABI, and HR managers will all get together this September in Fort Worth, TX to absorb hard hitting content, that was specifically curated by members, and participate in an expansive networking opportunity.

So why come to Focus Conference? 

We know you have many other conferences that come across your desk, so what makes this one worth your time? We rounded up the top three reasons for why you should attend this year’s Focus Conference with HARDI and how it will benefit you and your career.

1. The Content Was Developed by Your Peers

5 HARDI councils have taken the time to develop a session lineup that was carefully created to tackle current industry struggles that folks like yourself are facing at this moment.  

Our councils are made up of industry leaders from our member companies. These individuals volunteer their time and actively participate in helping HARDI better the HVACR wholesale distribution industry. They are passionate about tackling common industry issues through collaboration. Their meetings and discussions helped shape the agenda for our Focus Conference event.

The session types are left open-ended, giving council members freedom to craft relevant content for the designated track sessions pertaining to their respective subject area in a format conducive to the material.

2. Learn from Others

Speaking with others who are dealing with the same issues you are creates an appropriate space to learn from struggles and successes. Last year, 324 Focus Conference attendees were given the opportunity to learn from each other.

Managers, Directors, and other functional leaders come together to learn from one another. Attendees get a unique opportunity to have candid conversations about the successes and struggles that everyone is facing. Certain time slots and sessions are geared specifically to this type of collaborative discussion.

3. Make Professional Growth a Priority

68% of workers stated that training and development is the most important work policy. Take the time to invest in your skills and knowledge. Your future self will thank you.

This year, there are 5 concurrent event tracks that were developed to help in your professional development.

  • Marketing: Learn Facebook marketing strategies, all things Google, and different tactics to market across generations.
  • Sales: Learn steps to increase sales team productivity, how to improvise to sell more, and how to create a culture of training. 
  • Supply Chain: Learn how to improve demand forecasting, better inventory strategies, and how to overcome challenges in trucking.
  • Human Resources: Discover best practices around recruiting, on-boarding, and coaching on how best to navigate difficult conversations.
  • Analytics and Business Intelligence: Learn about the benefits and processes around a Supply Chain Scorecard and using analytics to transform your business.

Join us this September in Fort Worth, TX for this exciting new event in FOCUS 19!

For the Full Agenda and Registration Details visit HARDInet.org

The Renaissance Worthington Hotel
Rooms start at $195/night
Hotel cutoff: August 20, 2019
Book online at hardinet.org

Executive $675 | Social $150

Thank you to the following Chairs and Vice Chairs of our Councils who have worked tirelessly to organize great Focus Conference tracks!

Marketing – Renata Morgan of Century A/C Supply and Mary Jo Hann of Munch Supply

Sales – Brian Newport of Habegger and Scott Ritchey of Plumber Supply

HR – Dee Sharkey of Johnstone Ware Group

Supply Chain & Ops – Mark Bray of ACR Supply and Claire Munch of Munch Supply

ABI – Brian Loftus of HARDI

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