FFCRA Update as of July 14

BY Syretta Williams
7/23/2020 - HVAC Employment , COVID-19

As COVID-19 continue to wreak havoc on the United States, surging in some cities while stabilizing out in others, we continue to remain resilient and vigilantly fight against it. Businesses continue to try to reopen and remain open while helping their employees deal with personal circumstances as they navigate childcare and their ever-changing work environments.

HARDI is providing you with an update on FFCRA as of July 14, 2020. The update includes information on:

  • Further clarification on E-PSLA and E-FMLA
  • Employee eligibility
  • Employer reporting requirements of leave wages paid

We hope that this update will help our members make the best decisions that they can in response to their employees’ situation as they continue to deal with the effects of this virus in our daily lives. Remember all the resources that HARDI has in place you maintain operational and compliance success:

We want to hear from you! What questions do you have about FFCRA, helping your employees balance work with family responsibilities as a new school year approaches, especially for those were telework may not be an option etc. If you have any questions on this or any other HR related topics please use this form to submit them.

For additional assistance on this or other compliance, HR or training and development matters be sure to seek assistance through our HR Consulting Services or contact Syretta Williams. We are all in this together.

The information in our FFCRA document was provide by Pam Krivda and Alex Ayers. If you have any questions for them relating to FFCRA, please submit them here.