Everything You Need to Know: HFC Phase-down Legislation

BY Alex Ayers
3/20/2019 - HVAC Government Affairs

A few states are continuing to move forward with plans to regulate HFC refrigerants and begin phasing down their use over several years. California, New York, Vermont, and Washington are actively working on their phase-down plans. Most phase-down plans are based on EPA’s SNAP Rule 20 and Rule 21.

HARDI is working with our industry allies on a federal solution to provide a single timeline for HFC phase-down. This issue will be a primary focus of the 2019 Congressional Fly-In where members can talk directly to their elected officials about the impact of this legislation. Please stay tuned for more information coming in the next several weeks on changing refrigeration policy.

This article was published in the March 2019 edition of the HARDI’s Data-Driven Newsletter.