EPA Proposes New SNAP Rules to Include A2L Refrigerants

BY Alex Ayers
6/17/2020 - HVAC Government Affairs

On Friday June 12, the Environmental Protection Agency released a new proposed rule under the Significant New Alternatives Policy program to allow the use of certain A2L refrigerants in equipment that meets new safety standards. The proposal did not delist any existing refrigerants; however, it did remove an aerosol for use in fire suppression. This proposed rule moves the industry one step closer to using lower flammability refrigerants in future air-conditioning and refrigeration applications.

The proposed rule would allow the use of R-32, R-452B, R-454A, R-454B, R-454C and R-457A for air-conditioning and R-448A, R-449A and R-449B for retail food refrigeration.

As part of the use conditions put on these new refrigerants, any use must meet the following requirements:

  • Systems must meet the UL 60335-2-40 safety standard, 3rd edition
  • Can only be used in new systems
  • Must use warning labels to identify flammable refrigerants
  • Red markings on all piping and service ports

Any public comments must be received by July 27, 2020.

Adopting into SNAP is just one requirement of several before the industry can begin to use A2L refrigerants. HARDI is participating in the AHRI Safe Refrigerant Transition Task Force to help ensure proper safety standards, training practices, and storage codes are updated and implemented before equipment using these refrigerants enters the market.

HARDI will continue to keep you updated on relevant issues surrounding refrigerants. If you have additional questions feel free to reach out to Alex Ayers, HARDI’s Director of Government Affairs or view our HFC Phasedown page.